Why Oak Grove Capital

Oak Grove’s Approach

Oak Grove Capital is an investor-focused provider of investment, management and advisory services for select individuals, private companies and non-profits. Oak Grove’s mandate is to provide superior, institutional-level asset and risk management services to investors.

Oak Grove is different from the retail wealth management model in the following ways:

  • Relationship-driven, investor-centric focus.  Unlike other active management firms, Oak Grove has not created artificial barriers between portfolio manager and client investor.  The foundation for our manager-investor relationship begins with a thorough direct understanding of our investor’s life circumstances, financial objectives and risk profile.   We want to exceed your expectations with integrity and stewardship of your financial trust.  We will do that with regular communication and a commitment to constant improvement.
  • Broad industry experience that separates us from much of our competition. We bring decades of law, direct international and emerging markets, capital markets, and portfolio risk management experience to bear on our investors’ financial objectives. We think experience and hard work equates to a “knowledge advantage” and that consistently superior performance is not possible without it.
  • Primacy of risk management.  We emphasize risk-adjusted investment performance over return chasing.  Our goal is consistently superior returns with commensurately lower risk.   Accepting above-average risk to get positive returns in positive markets is simply not an acceptable standard.  We believe skilled investment management means superior performance in difficult markets as well as positive ones.  Making loss prevention a priority leads to superior returns.
  • Aligned interests between the manager and the investor. Our compensation model is “pay for performance.” That means we do not receive sales commissions or have hidden fees. We are not associated with any one investment provider.  Because we have virtually unlimited choice across a global platform of financial products, the breadth of the financial “toolbox” we use to manage assets is determined solely by our judgment on what we believe is best for our investors’ objectives.  Every investment decision we make for our investors is performance based, taking into account specific investor objectives.