Client Resources

Account Access

Oak Grove investors have access to Oak Grove’s Portal App to view daily and cumulative asset allocation, and performance over time.  Oak Grove investors also have the ability to view, real-time, their account information through TD Ameritrade Institutional’s investor site, Oak Grove Capital investors may log in to AdvisorClient and gain secure access to their account and market data, 24/7.  Oak Grove investors’ assets are, with exceptions for qualified plans that must be custodied elsewhere, maintained by TD Ameritrade Institutional.

The Oak Grove Community

Since Oak Grove began, the community of Oak Grove professionals and investors has experienced “virtuous circle” benefits.  Oak Grove investors are thought leaders: entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, and business leaders who independently, in their own ventures and fields, hold up the values of excellence, integrity and servant leadership in their work and lives. The quality of the Oak Grove investor community is an asset that makes us better.